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By Memorial Weight Loss Clinic
September 15, 2015
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HCGIf you are one of the many Houston, TX residents trying to lose weight, chances are you've been monitoring what you eat to make sure that you don't eat too much, particularly of foods that are high in calories or fat. What you may not realize, however, is that not all fat is the same and not all fat is bad. If you want to see real weight loss that lasts, you have to cut out the right types of fat.

Every day, Babak Rejaie, MD sees people at Memorial Weight Loss Clinic in Houston, TX who want to lose weight but who aren't going about it the right way. Learn more about the three different types of fat and how the HCG Program can help you lose unwanted weight the right way here.

Three Types of Fat

  • Structural Fat: Structural fat can be found in the gaps between the organs. It cushions and protects the organs and other internal structures of the body as you move. This type of fat is necessary for good health.
  • Normal Fat: Normal fat is the fat that provides your body with additional energy when needed. It is stored all throughout the body and does not cause obesity. Some amount of normal fat is also necessary for good health.
  • Abnormal Fat: Abnormal fat is fat that is not accessible to the body for nutritional purposes. Even if your body needs additional calories, your body will cause you to feel hungry instead of using this stubborn fat. If you are overweight or obese and need to lose weight, this is the type of body fat you want to lose.

How the HCG Program Can Help

Here at Memorial Weight Loss Clinic in Houston, TX, we know just how difficult it can be to get rid of abnormal fat. This is why we offer the HCG Program as one easy and effective way to remove this extra fat.

According to Dr. ATW Simeons, an increased amount of the HCG hormone in the body can act as an appetite suppressant, allowing the body to burn through abnormal fat stores without the unpleasant and painful hunger that is often associated with dieting. With the HCG Program, you can finally lose the extra fat without needing to starve yourself in the process.

While medical researchers are still debating over the effectiveness of this particular hormone, many people have already seen dramatic transformations, and we'd like to help you experience one of your own!

If your previous weight loss attempts have been ineffective at best or painful at worst, make today the day you try something new. Call Memorial Weight Loss Clinic in Houston, TX to set up an appointment to speak to Dr. Rejaie about the HCG Program today.