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By Memorial Weight Loss Clinic
September 20, 2016
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Why should I try physician-supervised weight loss?

Weight loss is often touted as being simple: eat less and exercise more. However, succeeding at this is more complex than it sounds--weight loss and sometimes there are underlying medical conditions placing obstacles in your path.

Physician-supervised weight loss programs at Memorial Weight Loss Clinic in Houston, TX monitor your whole-body health, treat hidden causes of weight gain or obesity, and help you lose weight both successfully and safely. This helps you stay motivated, improves your overall health and increases your chance of long-term success.

Does it work better?

Yes, for most people who have tried to lose a significant amount of weight on their own without getting the results they want. For one, treating medical conditions associated with weight problems will better prepare you to feel strong and healthy as you implement your lifestyle changes.

In addition, people frequently set unrealistic weight loss goals, leading to any of the following outcomes:

  • Quick discouragement
  • A dangerous state of health
  • Relapse within weeks or months

Physician-assisted programs give you a strong physical and mental foundation to set achievable goals and stick to your new habits.

What will it involve?

Psychological and behavior changes: The best advice is useless if you aren’t able to put it into practice. Your physician can help you decide how to implement small, practical changes that add up quickly, saving you from the disappointment of setting the bar too high too fast.

Cardiovascular and hormonal health: Your heart health will be tested to ensure your safety and monitor improvement. You will also be checked and treated for any hormonal diseases or imbalances, such as thyroid conditions, that can make it difficult to lose weight.

Unique nutritional and medical needs: Some people simply need to change the way they cook at home. Others need a complete meal replacement system, and still others will benefit from a combination of these approaches. Nutritional supplements or obesity medications may also be helpful for some patients. Your physician will help you choose the best approach for you and ensure that you don’t wind up under-nourished in the process.

How long will it take?

The length of time varies for each person, but many people can aim to lose a healthy amount of weight in 3-6 months. Following that, you will likely be placed on a maintenance program to ensure your results last, typically for about 18 months.

Weight Loss in Houston

If you've tried and tried to lose weight to no avail, it may be time to seek medical help. A physician-assisted program can jump-start your weight loss for lasting results. For weight loss in Houston, TX, request your appointment at Memorial Weight Loss Clinic or call (888) 262-7957 today.