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By Memorial Weight Loss Clinic
April 22, 2015
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Drinking Enough Water Water is vital to helping our bodies to function. But did you know that simply drinking more water can help with weight loss? With the high temps, Houston residents should be drinking water throughout the day. But how do you know how much water you're drinking? How do you know if it's enough?

Why Drink Water?

Water is important to maintaining healthy organ function, as well as flushing out toxins. Drinking water can help reduce the risk of cancers and even alleviate headaches and joint pain.

Water is also important for weight loss because it increases metabolism and helps to keep you feeling full. Water also helps with digestion and keeps the skin healthy and clear.

Drink Cold Water

Memorial Weight Loss Clinic of Houston, TX recommends at least eight, 8-oz glass of ice cold water throughout the day. You'll actually burn more calories if the water is cold because the body expends energy when it raises temperature of freezing water to your body's natural temperature.

Tips for Calculating Water Intake

If you're having a hard time remembering to drink water or knowing how much water you've had in a day, there are many tips and tricks you can use to keep yourself on track.

Get a Good Water Bottle - If you have an insulated water bottle that keeps your water icy cold and tasting fresh, you'll be more likely to reach for that throughout the day.

Mark the Sides - On the side of your water bottle, mark out each 8 ounces with a permanent marker. Fill the water bottle in the morning and you'll know each time you've taken in another 8 ounces of water just by checking the line on your handy water bottle.

There's an App for that - Like most things today, there's an app to help make your life easier. Several weight loss and exercise apps have features that allow you to quickly and easily add your water intake so you can keep track of how much water you've had in a day.

If you need help losing weight and getting healthy, the doctors and staff at Memorial Weight Loss Clinic of Houston, TX can guide you through your options. Schedule an appointment today to find out how a weight loss clinic can help you achieve your body goals.

By Memorial Weight Loss Clinic PLLC
February 25, 2015
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Learn more about the myths surrounding the HCG Program so you can be decide whether this weight loss plan is right for you.

According to the NIH, about two-thirds of American adults are obese or overweight, and about 114 million have problems losing weight. While losing weight can sometimes be as simple as eating right and working out more, there is often more to it.

That’s why we offer the HCG Program, which has helped countless patients in Houston shed the pounds without losing muscle. Since the program requires daily HCG intake (a hormone found in pregnant women) and a low calorie diet, there have been a lot of rumors being spread about this program. Learn more about the top myths surrounding this HCG weight loss program.

Myth #1: This program’s low caloric intake could be dangerous.

Fact: If someone not on the HCG program decided to follow a 500-calorie-a-day plan then they could do some serious harm to themselves; however, the reason the HCG program works with such a low caloric intake is that HCG is taken each day, which makes the body consume fat instead of muscle for energy. Furthermore, this calorie-restrictive program is only part of the first 4-week phase, after which your daily intake increases.

Myth #2: HCG doesn’t actually do anything or affect weight loss.

Fact: While it might seem odd that a hormone found in pregnant women helps people lose weight, this hormone actually targets and uses stored fat for energy. Of course if you didn’t take the HCG pills and only consumed 500 calories per day then it would be difficult to lose the weight and keep it off; however, the HCG helps get rid of unwanted fat deposits.

Myth #3: The HCG program causes serious side effects.

Fact: Not everyone will experience side effects while on the HCG program; however, as with consuming any supplement, some people can be sensitive to its effects. Some may experience dizziness or irritability, which could be brought about by low blood sugar. However, the best way to combat these symptoms is to incorporate foods into your 500-calorie diet that helps boast blood sugar.

By being able to separate fact from fiction you can now make an informed decision regarding whether the HCG program is right for you. To find out more about weight loss in Houston by contacting us at Memorial Weight Loss Clinic, PLLC.