By Memorial Weight Loss Clinic
June 19, 2015
Category: Health
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You may have heard about the HCG program and its amazing results from television or magazine advertisements. While the idea of rapid weight loss is very appealing for those who have struggled with other diet and exercise programs in the past, it's important to get Weight lossthe facts about this program. Dr. Babak Rejaie and his team of weight loss professionals at Memorial Weight Loss Clinic in Houston, Texas, are here to answer a few common questions about the HCG program.

What does HCG stand for?

HCG is short for "human chorionic gonadotropin," a naturally-occurring hormone produced in the pituitary gland. It is generally associated with pregnancy, as it causes female reproductive cells (eggs) to be released during the ovulation cycle and then supports a fertilized egg's development.

How does it work from a dieting standpoint?

HCG, which can be supplemented via injection for those who are not producing it naturally through pregnancy, is believed to trigger the body to release the abnormal fat that builds up from a high-calorie diet. At the same time, it helps to support the body's functions while the person dramatically reduces their calorie intake, preventing feelings of extreme hunger and fatigue and helping to drop the weight rapidly while working directly with their Houston weight loss clinic.

Is this a new "fad" diet?

The idea behind the HCG program has actually been around since the 1950's. A British endocrinologist, Dr. A. Simeons, published information about his research in the mid-20th century. He began this research after noting that even women living in famine-stricken developing countries were able to maintain their pregnancies and give birth to healthy, full-term babies. The reason, he discovered, was due to HCG, the hormone released into the body during ovulation and ultimately pregnancy.

Is it safe?

When working with licensed healthcare providers, like Dr. Rejaie at Memorial Weight Loss Clinic, the HCG program can be extremely helpful for those who are obese and at risk for developing serious health complications. However, there are quite a few over-the-counter products that claim to be good alternatives. It is imperative that you do not begin any weight loss program without speaking to a doctor first. At your Houston weight loss clinic, you will have a thorough physical evaluation, including blood testing, to determine your eligibility for the HCG program.