By Memorial Weight Loss Clinic
June 23, 2017
Category: Weight Loss
Tags: HCG Diet  

The HCG diet focuses on the use of the HCG hormone to help patients lose weight. At Memorial Weight Loss Clinic in Houston, TX, our program is designed to help patients to achieve results the safest way possible. The human body has three different types of fat: normal fat, abnormal fat, and structural fat. This diet focuses on eliminating as much of this fat as possible as well as using this fat to facilitate weight loss.

About the HCG Diet

This diet can help to trigger the body to release abnormal fats and to deliver nutrition needed to supplement a low caloric intake. The HCG hormone itself is believed to relieve the patient from feeling hungry or tired from not eating as much. At Memorial Weight Loss Clinic in Houston, we have both 26 and 43-day programs. We use Perfect Fit Meals for meal plans for this particular diet. We conduct our program under the supervision of a licensed physician, require blood testing, a comprehensive medical exam and a detailed health history in order to determine eligibility for each patient and this low-calorie diet.

Our HCG hormone will help your metabolism from slowing down and losing lean muscle mass during the process. It also helps reduce weakness, fatigue, and feelings of hunger throughout the process. Very low-calorie diets are designed in order to promote rapid weight loss in those whose obesity has resulted in serious health issues or the risk of developing of them. Our HCG program provides professional medical supervision in order to minimize any risk associated with this fast of weight loss.

To learn more about the HCG diet in Houston, TX, schedule an informative consultation at our office today by calling (888) 262-7957. We can discuss the program, what it entails, what you can expect and all of the risks associated with a diet of this nature.