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By Memorial Weight Loss Clinic
May 02, 2016
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Frequently Asked Questions about the HCG Weight Loss Program. The facts about HCG weight loss.

If you’ve tried all the latest diets and still can’t seem to get rid of unwanted pounds, it’s time to consider HCG weight loss, under the weight lossclinical supervision of Dr. Babak Rejaie at Memorial Weight Loss Clinic in Houston, Texas. He wants to help you discover how HCG weight loss can help you. Some frequently asked questions and answers about HCG weight loss are listed below:

What is HCG treatment?

HCG is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone naturally produced by your body. It regulates metabolic function by stimulating the hypothalamus.

If you are a healthy man or woman who is overweight, you are a good candidate for HCG weight loss. You should consult with Dr. Rejaie before starting this, or any other diet program.

Why can’t I just buy HCG online or over-the-counter?

Real HCG needs a doctor’s prescription. There is no assurance of quality or manufacturing standards if you purchase products online or over-the-counter because many of these products are created overseas with little or no oversight.

How many pounds can I lose with the HCG program?

Out of 7000 HCG program participants, the average loss was .5 to one pound per day, with some participants losing three pounds per day. Results will vary depending on the amount of food consumed, your own body chemistry and characteristics and your level of activity.

How much does the HCG program cost with the Memorial Weight Loss Clinic in Houston​?

A first consultation appointment is $125 and includes your medical exam, lab work, B12 injection, diet consultation and menus, plus one month of prescription appetite suppressants. Each month after the initial consultation is $75 and includes everything listed above except the B12 injection, which is not included.

Additional recommended weekly injection costs are:

  • HCG therapy $18 per injection
  • B12 $15 per injection
  • LipoB $25 per injection

If you need help getting rid of excess pounds and want to know more about HCG weight loss, it’s time to call Dr. Babak Rejaie at Memorial Weight Loss Clinic in Houston, Texas. Take control of your weight by calling today!