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Do you wish that losing weight were as easy as eating right and exercising regularly? While it certainly should be, there are so many other variables and factors that can affect a person’s ability to lose weight despite doing everything right. Don’t get frustrated and don’t give up. Instead, consider turning to a physician that can provide you with the proper weight loss regimen to fit your needs.

How Memorial Weight Loss Clinic Can Help

Our physician Dr. Babak Rejaie has helped many adults living in and around Houston lose weight and feel better. Dr. Rejaie is passionate about exercise and nutrition, and you will find that our doctor practices what he preaches when it comes to healthy living.

There are several reasons that physician-led weight loss programs are more successful than trying to lose weight on your own. When you turn to a doctor you can benefit from,

  • Getting accurate information about nutrition and healthy eating
  • Receiving a safe, customized weight loss program based on your current health status and lifestyle
  • Having someone that can hold you accountable and also provide you with support to ensure that you follow through with your weight loss goals
  • Turning to a medical professional when you have questions and concerns about your weight loss journey so you are never left in the dark

First, our Houston doctor will assess your general health and pinpoint some reasons why you are gaining weight. From there, we can create a program that takes specific health problems into account. We can also address any issues you might have at this time.

Here at Memorial Weight Loss Clinic in Houston, we offer the HCG Program, a three-phase weight loss program that helps patients shed pounds quickly. This diet program involves a low-calorie diet along with HCG hormones administered orally or through injections. HCG is a hormone that can boost metabolism and help you lose weight without those painful hunger pangs. You will also learn about meal planning and what foods work with your body to help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight and which foods could have a negative impact.

We also offer the Slim Shot, which helps with sugar metabolism and fat burning while also boosting mood and energy levels. This injection contains a super B complex with lipotropics, L-Carnitine and Chromium.

If you want to find out the solution to helping you lose weight successfully our physicians can help. Call Memorial Weight Loss Clinic in Houston at (713) 468-3322 to schedule a consultation.